Paint My Place at face value is very simple. After spending time working for two major paint manufacturers, and developing a network within the professional painting industry, I realized a gap. There aren't many painting services that offer the highest quality standards at an affordable price. I know this all sounds very simple and it's easy to find high quality painters as long as you're willing to pay a premium. It's also easy to find "budget friendly" painters but I can assure you corners are being cut in order to offer such a low price. In addition to these gaps, finding a company that simply shows up when they say and completes the work quickly without sacrificing quality is a rare event. So, in the end, that's why I decided to create Paint My Place. A painting service built around the customers’ needs and simply doing the important things well.

Our Story- Blake and Audra Schrey

When I approached my wife with the thought of starting a painting company I wasn't expecting a great deal of excitement. We’ve both worked for large corporations for many years and have made a great living. So why take the risk of running your own business when you can simply show up Monday through Friday and know your bringing home a check? To my surprise, she LOVED it! Mainly because the way we will service our customer is truly solving a problem. We want to make painting your place easier. My background is sales, marketing, operations and management. I've spent several years working for two of the largest paint manufacturers in the US. Being deeply involved in the coatings sales industry I learned paint systems of many types. I've been responsible for drafting specifications for large scale commercial painting projects and testing different painting processes to yield the best results. With this knowledge, I'm working with my staff to train our crews on proper application techniques to yield top quality work while being done with a high level of efficiency. The result is a paint job that will stand the test of the Arizona sun and, sometimes, the rough environment of kids or indoor mishaps. My wife has a Bachelors in Business Management from ASU (Go Devils!). We’re a small, family run, paint contracting business with the goal of providing exceptional service to our community.