The Paint My Place Process

  1. Fill out your contact information.
  2. We will contact you to discuss and review your project and schedule an estimate.
  3. Email you off an estimate and sample contract.
  4. We then work you into the schedule and receive 50% down payment prior to the start of work.
  5. We keep you updated on progress and if there are any issues or changes needed.
  6. We walk the job with you for final approval or punch list to obtain approval.
  7. Provide before and after pictures of the project to post to your social media of choice.
  8. That's It!



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How Quality and Efficiency Work Together

Our crews are 3-4 people that have been trained on the proper preparation and application procedures. Upon the start of the job our crew leader briefs the team on exactly each member's responsibilities. That's when the magic begins. We can complete most jobs in 1-2 days. The short duration of the project makes things on our customers easy because we do not want to disrupt things at home for very long. We spend the majority of the time on the job getting the old paint clean and properly prepared to ensure good adhesion. We patch and repair areas that are damaged or heavily weathered. The actual painting part of the job is the quickest and easiest. The hard work goes into the prep. This allows us to offer a 5 year waranty on all of our work.